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Development of Communication Templates for Communication Service Providers
to Facilitate Market Access by MSEs

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Enter-Growth Projectsupports the implementation of the Government of Sri Lanka’s strategy for poverty reduction and the generation of quality employment for women and men through an integrated micro and small enterprise development programme that targets four districts with a high incidence of poverty. It also addresses issues at the national level that will enhance impact in the provinces, and transfers lessons learnt in the districts to the national policy level as well as other parts of the country.

Small producers in rural areas such as the projects’ four target districts (Anuradhapura, Kurunegala, Polonnaruwa and Puttalam) face many difficulties in approaching and communicating with medium and large buyers – especially if these are located elsewhere. Lack of communication skills, technology and services hinder micro and small enterprises’ (MSEs) ability to access markets efficiently. If MSEs are to be linked to larger markets, they will need to be able to communicate appropriately with buyers. The Enter-Growth project conducted a research and based on the research findings, it has initiated some actions to improve the service delivery of communication service providers to MSEs. One of the problems found was the communication service providers and the MSEs themselves are weak in communicating with large scale buyers through business letters, etc. Even though the some of the communication service providers provide the business letters drafting service, it is lacking the professional standards. Therefore, they tend to loose business deals.   

In order to overcome the above problem, Enter-Growth project has taken measures to develop templates for business letters, etc. in three (03) languages (English, Sinhala & Tamil) and provide them to communication service providers facilitating MSEs keeping good communications with larger markets.

In this endeavor, GSA has developed 15 sample letters to facilitate the Seller – Buyer communication from the beginning (from initial inquiry) to the end (until the transaction is completed). The following supporting documents (10 forms) have also been developed.;

  1. Company Profile
  2. Product or Service Specification
  3. Quotation 
  4. Proforma Invoice
  5. MOU
  6. Order forms
  7. Sales / Purchase Agreement
  8. Purchase Order
  9. Commercial Invoice
  10. Packing list
  11. Product or Service Requirement Form
Select the language to view Document Flow Charts for Buying / Selling Product or Service:
Index in PDF Index in PDF Index in PDF

GSA has developed above in ‘Microsoft Word’ document template format in all three languages (English, Sinhala & Tamil) and submitted to ILO Enter-Growth project in soft form in end August 2008. The CD has a logical search ‘Index’ enabling the reader to access the required template directly.

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Referee: Mr P.G. Amarapala, ILO Enter-growth Project ( T: 077 738 5204.

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